Infinity Scarf with Buttons

Infinity Scarf with Buttons


Living in SoCal doesn’t allow me to wear a lot of the stuff I make, for functionality. I wear it for personality so much more. I have lived here all of my life so I have been pretty spoiled on the weather front.

My memories of snow are very limited. In Bakersfield, I can only remember it snowing a few times. It would only last a few hours though, especially after playing in it it would turn to muddy slush real quick.

My husband has a completely opposite experience. He grew up in PA so he knows what real seasons look like. I recently asked him how people dressed when it snowed and he told me, “we would put on a couple of layers and then a jacket.” I asked him, “well, what kind of jacket? Like a ski jacket?” He said, “no, just a regular jacket.” Ok ok so I kept asking him more questions like, “what kind of shoes did you wear? Snow boots?” He responded, “Sometimes. And sometimes just regular shoes.” Can you imagine if I tried to go out in the snow, I mean the REAL snow. People would know that I’m from out of town and I would totally over do it. You can bet that I would be wearing everything that I have ever crocheted though. Ha!

Sometimes I wish it would snow out here so I could wear my infinity scarf with buttons. I wear it anyway, to sort of protect myself from vampires. Just sayin’.