Crocheted Miniature Key Chain Purses

Crocheted Miniature Key Chain Purses


One of the most memorable moments of this past week was spending time with a good friend of mine and teaching her how to crochet. I realized that I haven’t had the opportunity to really teach anyone how to crochet and I loved it.

I watch a lot of crochet videos, especially from Crochet Geek, Teresa. You can find Teresa on most social networks. I watch most of her videos through YouTube.

Teaching my friend how to crochet made me consider doing my own videos of crochet projects. This is obviously something I might try in the near future. Not right now. I have to get used to this digital world. Tis a crazy interesting world, indeed, but I am fascinated and I’m never going back to sole pen and paper gal status.

Years ago, I think maybe 6, I was invited to a very fancy shmancy Christmas party where a bunch of us gals came together and celebrated with foods, fun, an ornament exchange, and girl talk. My friend who hosts the party does such an awesome job and we always have a great time. That year I wanted to make something that was cute, memorable, and sweet for all the gals. I decided to make up my own pattern and I made like 20 keychain purses.

Halfway through I realized I bit off more than I could chew because my fingers were throbbing and I couldn’t see the end of the project. It was definitely great practice though.

To my extreme delight all of the gals absolutely loved the keychain purses! It made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it. I realized that I made something that was worth some value based on the reaction, and a change occurred.

I think a lot of artists struggle with the value of their art or people seeing their art as “good”. I remember one time in college one of my friends started flipping through a sketchbook of mine and I became so nervous and anxious. It was as if he was reading my diary or something because my artwork is like the outpouring of my heart.

I felt vulnerable and exposed. He was very sweet and loved a lot of my artwork. I then understood that I was holding myself back by worrying about people thinking my art was ugly. From then on I started the process of sharing my art and miscellaneous projects more and trying to take feedback constructively.

When I started crocheting people were constantly telling me that I should sell my items. It took awhile but after the reaction from the crocheted keychain purses I finally took the plunge. I am so glad I did and I always look at my cute little keychain purses as the catalyst on my journey.