Crocheted Headband Celebration!

Crocheted Headband Celebration!

Since it is my birthday week this week, I wanted to post a piece that I actually like to wear myself. It is a nostalgia piece that dates back all the way back to 1997. lol.


When I was in high school I played soccer. We played during the winter season so it would get pretty cold (by SoCal standards of course). I would wear a sweatshirt under my jersey and a knitted headband to cover my ears, and those were the only additions to my uniform. We were pretty hard core to say the least.

I remember one game it was close to snowing and our team still played with bare legs. We were crazy!

I LOVED my knitted headband. It was so snug and it kept my ears super warm. I was so thankful for it because without it I would have been in pain. While I was running the air would hit my ears and ear canals and it would sting like crazy. It was so painful!

I have so many good memories playing soccer and anytime I see or wear my headband (I still have it!) I am reminded of all the good times.

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