Crocheted Baby Headband with Detachable Flower

Crocheted Baby Headband with Detachable Flower

This past weekend was filled with beautiful weather: Sunny skies paired with sprinkles of rain and gorgeous cloud formations. I am completely obsessed with colorful sunsets, sunlit hills, trees, and pretty much everything outside. I love nature! It excites my eyes and heart at the same time.


Just like my love for color in nature so goes my love for color in my art. I love the colorful yarn I use for the baby headbands. It really compliments the brightness and life of a baby. They are so precious!


Since I have boys I don’t get to actually use my adorable crocheted baby headbands. I crochet beanies for my boys but I love making my friends daughters all the girly stuff I crochet.

I first made this headband in the infancy of my crocheting journey. It has become one of my signature creations. It’s so soft, stretchy, and comfy.

I wanted to make it versatile, so instead of permanently attaching a flower I made a detachable one that can be interchanged with numerous colorful flowers if desired. I think versatility with any product is fun and can make the product more useful.

These headbands will bring out the cute and sparkle in any baby who wears them.