Babies Galore!

Babies Galore!

So many of our friends are having babies this year, so I have been able to put my skills to work big time. I am not complaining at all because I absolutely love making my friends babies all the cute crocheted keepsakes. My friend Kayla is having a baby girl in November and she just recently had her baby shower. I ended up making her a couple of headbands and some neutral colored boat booties. I knew she didn’t care too much for pink so that’s why I went with a neutral color. I came across a free pattern from Please check out their website for free awesome beautiful patterns.


I think they came out pretty cute and I am excited to keep making them. I’m looking forward to see how they look with different colors. What colors would you like for the baby boat booties? I want to try a sparkly hot pink or a coral color.

What I am also excited about is that these baby boat booties are adorable for both boys and girls. I have a more difficult time making stuff for boys because you can only crochet so many things for them and then it just gets too girly. When a friend has a baby girl I get so excited because I have a wide range of things I can make. For boys, crocheted keepsakes are a bit more limited. What do you think?

Thanks for checking in and reading about my latest creation! Cheers!