Laughing and having fun whilst raising two boys, being a wife and expressing myself through art.

I am a born creative raised in Bakersfield, California. I have two brothers so I am somewhat of a tomboy. I love playing soccer and watching UFC fighting, but I also like going to the spa once a year and painting my nails. I absolutely love anything creative. I thrive off of it.

Sunny southern California is where I call home with my tall dark and handsome husband Dustin W. Stout and our two boys Judah and Micah. My husband is fluent in blogging/website/social awesomeness so it is only natural that I follow suit and jump on the bandwagon.

What LadyLion.co is All About

This is the first time I am documenting my artwork and talking about it. I am beyond excited to finally write about my passion for creating treasured works of art and beautiful crocheted items and making them available for purchase.

I have an etsy shop but I wanted to be able to talk about my craft in a more personable colorful way. I want to share the story behind each piece and give people the ability to have their own…especially if they love the piece as much as I do.

I honestly think I was creative right off the bat..you know, like from the womb. I started painting/drawing since I learned to write, and I started crocheting in 2008. I have been passionate about art for so long that it is definitely time that I share my story through each piece that I create.

Through this website and blog I want my audience to gain an appreciation for art through my perspective. I want to show how passionate I am about it and that I take the utmost care and detail in everything I create. I also want you to have direct access to purchase any of the products I make. Apart from my shop blog I can be found on Google+ and Facebook.

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